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I've posted here before, but it has been awhile.  Quick re-intro:  My daughter is 3 1/2 and has mild hypotonia and apraxia.  She started private speech therapy at 2 and OT right before her third birthday.  She's made amazing progress since her third birthday and we have actually been dismissed from private therapy.  We still get 30 minutes of speech once a week through the school district though for lingering (age appropriate) articulation issues.  I will be clinging to that IEP as hard as I can for as long as I can in case other issues crop up later.  Which, they have. 

Two and a half weeks ago she had a seizure.  It was pretty terrifying and not an experience I'd like to repeat but since there is family history of epilepsy I'm also not overly surprised.  We have an EEG and MRI scheduled for next month at which point we will hopefully get more answers.  (With our luck, we will just get more questions..).  So, now for my question.  Since the seizure DD has just not been herself.  She has started to have more tantrums and increased anxiety.  Her tolerance for things that aren't her idea is pretty non existent.  (Melt downs about going to school when she used to love it, meltdowns about not going to the park or something else she wants to do, etc.) So, she's three.  I know three year olds can be tough but this behavior is out of character for her and I'm starting to become concerned.  It started just before her seizure and hasn't let up.  From what I have read behavior issues are very common post-seizure but I feel like at almost three weeks out that is no longer a valid reason.  Anyone have any experience?  Does this seem normal at this point?  At what point should I worry the increased anxiety is something else?

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Re: Seizures

  • Wow I don't know.  My boys have epilepsy and the behavior you describe is very much them, but they've always been like that… from birth I swear.  I don't notice any significant behavior changes after a seizure… certainly not for 3 weeks either.  The medication my kids are on can affect behavior too, but it doesn't sound like your daughter is on medication yet.  I would keep track of it and talk to the neurologist about it when you meet after the EEG or MRI.  


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    Thanks for the feedback! I will just assume this downturn in behavior is due to her increased language and feeling like she has no control. I sometimes have a hard time figuring out what is just her being three and what is due to medical issues.
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  • My daughter had epilepsy and had her first seizure at two. My daughter is behaviorally acting just like what you describe with your daughter and is right about the same age and in the past three months we have had the best seizure control we ever had. I'm voting the seizure and behavior are two different things. Definitely keep a log of the behavior to report to the neuro/see if there is any pattern but I would chalk up the change in behavior to age vs seizure activity.
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  • Sometimes behavior changes can stem fr the siezures, especially if the siezure left an impact on her brain. My daughter is 6 and she has had 3 full blown seizures since she was 2 and she has mini siezures frequently with no true diagnosis as if yet because her EEGs and MRIs don't show anything. After her 3rd full body siezure she began demonstrating tics and behavior changes that still keep getting worse and was recently diagnosed as Tourrettes. Keep a diary of everything that is or has changed to show your neurologist as that is the best way to find answers. It could just be her age playing a factor to. Good luck :)
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    I don't know how I missed this (?!). I hope you guys can get some answers at your appointment. 
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