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Hi all!

I've lurked once or twice so figure I may as well introduce myself.  In August I had to terminate my last pregnancy at ~20 weeks due to major congenital abnormalities. As a result I may not post too much until I get past my series of anatomy scans, but wanted to introduce myself anyway.  

Quick facts: live w/ DH & 2 cats in Westchester County, NY.  DH and I have been married for almost 7 years and a brief overview of my pregnancy history is in my signature.  I'm a molecular geneticist by primary education (went back later for business) and work in biopharma drug development across various therapeutic areas, though I have spent the majority of my career in oncology & immunology.  I have not yet added this pregnancy to my signature as it's incredibly painful to have to remove it, but I will say that I will be 15w tomorrow (EDD 10/23), and my geneticist and MFM know the sex. I have not yet watched an ultrasound but hope that at my early a/s in 1.5 weeks my MFM will tell me that he's confident the time has come that I can look.

I mainly post on Dec 2013 as that was my previous BMB, but I hope to post a bit more over here in a few weeks! :)
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