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Trouble with yogurt

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My son is about 11 months and for some reason has trouble with yogurt.  I was reading on the thread for what everyone gives their LO for breakfast and a lot of the comments mentioned yogurt.  It seems to act as a laxitive for my son. Anyone else had this issue? He does alright with shredded cheese though.


Re: Trouble with yogurt

  • I have the same issue. I gave my 9 month old yogurt for a week and for the next 2 weeks every diaper was really dirty. He got such a bad rash I had to get prescription cream to treat it. The dr. Just said to give him bananas, rice etc to help with it.
  • Yogurt acts as a good regulator for my LO. She was mildly constipated and a snack of yogurt every day keeps it all moving. I stick to the plain whole milk kind and add in homemade fruit purées or apple sauce.
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