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Are we drinking?


Re: Are we drinking?

  • @haygurlhay‌ hope you feel better.
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  • @haygurlhay‌ I hope everything is ok!
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  • LauraT25 said:
    Ok I had some cheese and one (large) glass of wine. Last hurrah has been had. I wish I had a brownie or something.
    I make rally good brownies. You should come visit me.
    I also make rly, rly good brownies and I live closer to Cali. JUST SAYIN'.
    [Deleted User][Deleted User]
  • West coast is next on my list for realllllll. I have a friend in Cali I need to see soon and I'll make my way up to Seattle somehow. She actually almost took a job in Seattle and I'm pretty bummed she didn't. Why don't people base their life decisions on what I want??

    Summer is a great time for you to escape that Texas heat.
    -My son was born in April 2012. He pretty much rules.
    [Deleted User]
  • I want a cocktail but lack mixers. Not sure I wanna walk to store
    -My son was born in April 2012. He pretty much rules.
  • Oh man I would totally crash that GTG! @Monkeybabe‌ @LauraT25‌ and @justAphase‌ that would be awesome!

    I tried mixing vanilla coke with Captain Morgan. It isn't great but I will drink it.

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  • Hope all is well @haygurlhay‌

    Our Little Raspberry Born 3/27/12
  • Oh ManI can see that joke coming. I am like 4 months older than DH and he like to tease me about being older than him all. The. Damn. Time.

    Our Little Raspberry Born 3/27/12
  • MaebbMaebb member
    LauraT25 said:

    LauraT25 said:

    I drank coffee so I could stay up to watch New Girl. What has become of me?

    You're a "cougar" like me
    My H thought it was hilarious to tell everyone and their brother that I was a cougar during the 1.5 months that I was 30 and he was 29 because I was "in my 30s" and he was "in his 20s".


    Same for me, but I am 11.5 months older than H, so I had to hear about it for a year. Damn it feels good to be a cougar.
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