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Cloth Diaper Washing Issue

I am a first time mom who is seriously considering cloth diapering. The other day I realized that my washing machine setup may not be the best for washing poopy diapers. The problem is that my washing machine drains/empties into my utility sink, instead of going straight down a pipe. All I can pictures is poop water spraying everywhere as the water drains from the machine into the sink (it drains with quite a bit of force).

Do any of you cloth diaper mom's have a similar situation? How have you dealt with it? Is it not as gross as I am imagining? Any insight is really appreciated. Thanks!

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    ours drains into a utility sink, but it's nbd.  it's not like there are actual chunks of poop in the washing machine for it to spray out into the sink.  you take care of any solids before you'd put them in the washer.  so in reality they're really no worse than my husband's work clothes or my boys' muddy jeans.  actually, muddy clothes are actually grosser sometimes.  i actually confess to being slightly obsessed with watching the water that drains into the utility sink.  it's really helpful to see if there are still suds and if my load needs another rinse. 


  • During the EBF/EFF stage you might get some tinny little pieces that are left behind in the sink but I honestly don't think they are that gross and you could just wash them out.  After you start solids you dispose of the poo before the diapers get washed so it should just be dirty water coming out.  If the EBF/EFF poo ends up bothering you then you could just start spraying diapers earlier.

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  • Not in that situation but maybe you could make a collar for the pipe (similar to like a dog cone) and weigh it down with magnets or fishing weights?

    When we travelled and visited my folks over Christmas - this was similar to the setup they had.  They had a mesh bag that the pipe emptied into to catch anything coming out the washer water.  I will admit we were in the in-between stage of not quite needing to scrape diapers in introducing food, and there was some interesting things that got trapped in there ;-)

    It was definitely no big deal though.

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  • Thanks for your responses, Ladies! Definitely puts my mind at ease...
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