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potty training friendly kids books

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I am looking for some potty training books for DS who has ASD. I got these 2.

I can't! I won't! No Way! - DS liked this one but I had to change some of the wording when I read it to him. Vocabulary was a little high.

It hurts when I poop! a story for children who are scared to use the potty. - I read this one to DS. It was too long and he was distracted by the dinosaur the little boy was holding. I doubt he got anything out of it because vocabulary was way too high. Maybe I will make my own simplified version and just read the pictures.

Do any of you have any suggestions for books?

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Re: potty training friendly kids books

  • My Big Boy Potty worked well for us and it wasn't negative or scary. 
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    We go DD the girl version of this one it's cute and pretty simplistic so was a good fit.

    We also got this one from the library and it is cute but was better for entertainment while she was sitting on the potty then informative.

    What I ended up doing was making my own social  story for her on pictello (you could also do it in word or power point) and reading that to her. I took pics of her potty and our house and her grandparents/teachers and basically walked through the steps and also how other people could help if she used her word/sign for potty when she needed to go. It helped a lot. 

    also signing time has a potty time video that is pretty good and cute. And I always recommend the Ava Kid potty app it's pretty great. The only issue we had is DD scripting it but since it was when she needed to go to the potty and it was with each step we went with it and that has faded out now. 
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  • Thank you both!

    I will look into getting those books.

    I did get the app last week! DS loves it and he had to tell me to switch the shirt from green to red since he was wearing a red shirt yesterday.
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  • My kids really loved "Where is the poop?"   It's fantastic!
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  • I got the potty time set from Signing Time - she was really interested but school intervened and I think she got it in her head that she was told "you aren't potty training anymore." I don't think this happened verbatim, but it is what she took away from it.

    Starting anew with it this weekend after talking to daycare/school - they see her orthotics as a challenge to potty training, so I just have to talk to them and re-train DD's mind. I have not brought out the potty watch yet, and I am going to print out her "if you fill up the chart reward" picture on the printer so she gets the concept that she will get an Emily train after so many times going for some extra motivation. 

    Also the book "Potty Animals" is one she likes to pick up and have me read - a lot of characters with different potty issues, broken up easily into smaller story pieces. 
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