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  • Sept here. I'm not very active here so I'm not surprised no one remembers me ;-) We all have the plague this week, aka Hand, Foot, and Mouth. DS is on the mend but I noticed blisters forming in my mouth this morning and on my feet this afternoon. Eff me this sucks. Pregnancy is going great. DH felt the little guy move this week. It's been fun. I joined a support group on Facebook for women with extremely low milk supplies due to medical reasons. I'm not sure what my issue was with Ollie but I've gotten a lot of great ideas to try this time. Reading the posts on the group has given me a lot of perspective and changed my expectations a bit. It's been awesome. I predict all of the May moms will go into labor at the exact same time. And everyone will have painless labors and no one will poop.

    Ugh! I had HFM when pregnant with DS1 and it sucked! FX yours heals quickly. Also, do you mind if I ask the name of the FB group? I wasn't able to BF last time but really want to.


  • @tj1979 I had gbs with my first birth and it was nbd. I still went med free and everything. I was glad to avoid it this time but just because it was one less thing to hassle with.
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  • @unaveragejane‌ thanks. DS seems a lot better and so far my symptoms aren't too bad. At least not as bad as his were. I hear adults can sometimes get a really mild case.

    The group is called IGT and Low Milk Supply Support Group. You have to submit a join request and fill out a questionnaire. Most people in the group have IGT, Insulin Resistance, or Thyroid problems. Or they just had a very low milk supply and aren't really sure what the problem was and want to find out (like me). Tons of great info!
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  • Someone posted this on July '14, and I thought I would share it in case anyone needs a laugh. I particularly love the Willy Wonka one. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/05/03/pregnant-husband-tumblr_n_3195489.html?utm_hp_ref=fb&src=sp&comm_ref=false#sb=1253384b=facebook


  • @stoofewok - This is also what I feel like when my restless legs start acting up. It's like someone has turned on music that only my legs can hear.


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  • Unaveragejane - restless legs suck ass!! I get restless arms sometimes too. :( It's worse during pregnancy for me, also.

    Maple- I need to call insurance and see what they cover. I have also hear physical therapy works well too.

    TJ - I'm not sad about no princess crap covered in glitter. Almost all the girl shirts have obnoxious glitter. I hate glitter. It's the herpes of the craft world! I'm going to look online for some poses and stretches. That's something good free and I can start now. I'm dying today also, after hiking 3 miles.
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