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Would you pass up a free trip to Disney?


Re: Would you pass up a free trip to Disney?

  • I would go, but it would be difficult. FIL is extremely exhausting and difficult.  I am not sure how much of him I could take.  MIL would be fine.

    My aunt is taking my cousins and their kids to Disney this summer.  She said she is doing it because our grandmother did it for us.  On the one hand, I hope my parents follow suit. Disney is expensive!  On the other hand, my mom and I are both Type A personalities when it comes to traveling and planning trips.  It could turn into WWIII if she expects me to defer to her since she is paying.

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  • amy052006 said:
    Listen, I'm not going to act like Norway isn't great.  I just think you are kidding yourself if you think it's not just another place for a three year old.  It's about you, not your kid, in that case.  Which is fine, but own it, and then we can all judge it and tell you in this hypothetical you suck it up so your kid can see Mickey Mouse in person.  Even seeing a fjord in real life, I assure you he would also enjoy this.

    But what if he's pining for the fjords????

    Monty Python, anyone, anyone? :-D

    *goes back to read rest of the thread*
    rachie1019[Deleted User]
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  • Yes, for Disney.  Might be stressful, but with all the stuff going on I think there would be plenty of distractions.  Plus even if we had to do everything her way, I wouldn't care much because I've been to Disney enough that if it was one 'wasted' trip it wouldn't be a big deal.

    No, for Europe.  I think a trip to Europe with MIL would not end well.
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    I would go. But I get along with my parents and in laws. I actually think DH is going to talk to his mom and one of his brothers to see if they want to accompany Reese on her Make a Wish Trip to Disney. (The place apparently has room to sleep 7). They would have to pay for food, airfare and park tickets though. I am not sure if my MIL would go because she has difficulty walking long distances after an injury--and I think she would refuse a wheelchair. But my parents and MIL are crazy about Reese, so even our differences we would set aside for a trip-any trip to Disney or Europe. 
    My daughter is my hero.
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