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Help me pick a high chair

It's time. We need something! 

I've got it narrowed down to 2, but feel free to suggest others that you have had good experiences with. 

1. Stokke Tripp Trapp

Stokke Tripp Trapp Highchair

I like this one because it matches the decor in our kitchen and I like that he can eat at the table instead of on a separate tray. Not sure how you would adjust it though to line up properly with the table? And I like that it's wood, I have a bit of a plastic aversion, especially when it comes to furniture.

2. Boon Flair

Boon Flair Pedestal Highchair with Pneumatic Lift

I like the look of this one, even though it doesn't really mesh with the decor. I like that it's got the pneumatic lift and it's made to be easy to clean. It just looks really fun. It got great reviews also. 

And yes, I do realize I could get a walmart special bargain high chair for like $30 (DH has pointed this out ad nauseum) but I want to have something nice. I justify the amounts I spend on baby things by telling myself we will have more so that bassinet that cost $400 but we only used for 2 months will be used AGAIN! ;-) 
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Re: Help me pick a high chair

  • I really like #1, but I don't think that your LO will be comfortable in it.  My butt hurts just looking at it. Is the wood easy to clean?  I don't know how many times I have had to bleach down DD's high chair because she has thrown up, leaked through her diaper, smashed staining type fruit. 

    If you are wanting something that goes with your decor can you find a high chair that straps onto your existing table chairs?

    To be honest I was all about buying a very cute, adult type looking high chair.  I really like when DD's furniture can blend into our existing decor so our house doesn't look like it is ran by a 2 year old.  However, I am so happy that i just ended up with 2nd hand traditional type chair where the cloth padded cover can be removed.  Those things are put through some much mess and trauma that I was happy I didn't waste my money.  Good Luck!  I spent weeks (and I do mean weeks) trying to find the perfect crib for DD so I know the struggle!

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  • I like them both. But if you're looking for longevity, I think the 1st one has a really cool and unique look that would be more timeless. I would have never considered getting a high chair like that one (I didn't even see anything like it) I bought a relatively expensive "kiddy" looking high chair that is more traditional looking.

    Are you looking at customer reviews? I find that really helps me make my decisions.

    Good luck deciding!
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  • After seeing how my 5 month old eats peas and carrots, I'd go for the more practical #2! :-O



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  • We have #2 and love it.  It was one of my splurges when I realized that my dreams of economical Fisher Price Space Saver-dom were misguided.  We needed a chair that could move from kitchen to dining room with ease, and up to counter height without an issue.  The Flair is also super easy to clean.  Ours looks practically new after almost 3 years.  The biggest issue we have with it is getting DS out of it consistently now that his sister is starting on solids.  He loves his seat!  Also for second kids you can order a new pad for the chair and update the look. 


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  • We have the Oxo - I LoVe it. It fit my decor, is easy to clean, adjusts heights so grows with the kid (and the center crotch thing can come off, and they give you the seat pad for it), can be used with or without tray, and they don't charge extra for all the little additions like Stokke. It's just easy and well made, like all their kitchen products.
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