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Welp, he didn't see her...

So we're back from our trip to FL and he didn't see her or attempt to.

My attorney called me on the way back up and reinforced that his attorney is a giant douche canoe. He told my atty they aren't going to agree to ANYTHING and basically fight on EVERYTHING.

WHAT. THE. EVERLOVING. FUCK.?????????????/

Must be nice to have shit tons of money to throw away to an attorney. Must be nice to not be paying child support in the mean time. What a dick. Have fun writing me that big ass check for back child support ASSHOLE.

Can someone please explain to me how a man wants to fight his child's mother in court for custody and visitation...BUT WON'T SEE THE FUCKING CHILD!?!?!?!?!?!? IT DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: Welp, he didn't see her...

  • If i could explain it i would. But i cant, but your going to give yourself an ulcer by constantly stressing and worrying about this. So just breathe and count to ten
  • I agree with minnesota and becca.  Also, you have proof that you gave him chances to see her and he didn't bother.  The court will see that and be like "wait, you want custody/visitation, but when she was reaching out to you, you didn't bother to see the baby?  what kind of person are you?"

    Anyway, you really do need to lower your stress level, I also worry about you getting an ulcer. My grandfather was riddled with ulcers before he passed and I know that they are extremely painful. When I start to stress out a lot, I work out.  I have a gym membership (that I'm lucky enough to have free due to my dad's status in the village) that has a daycare in it.  Their hours kind of suck and you have to call a minimum of 24 hours in advance to make a reservation for your child, but its a good gym.  I know that a lot of people don't have the money for a gym, but there are ways of working out at home with your baby (even using your baby as the weight, as weird as that sounds, I saw that on pinterest).  Yoga is also a good stress reliever, I have a DVD at home I sometimes use when DD is sleeping.

    Don't let this guy take up too much room in your mind, it'll just make you as crazy (or crazier) than him.
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  • It helps a lot to take your mind off this stuff. Enjoy your daughter, like becca said he is trying to lower your resolve and he will if you keep stressing out.

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    Thanks gals. I was venting, but honest to God I don't think or stress about this 95% of the time. Since getting home Saturday, I feel a ton better because LO is older now, can do a little more/be more independent and we're getting into a great routine. I'm happy and stoked. So much better than before when I felt like a big, sloppy mess. I'm REALLY beginning to REALLY enjoy being a mom. Not that I wasn't before, but it's easier now...just as everyone has said :) My blood pressure is fine (went to doc today) so hopefully no ulcers for me :)

    Anyway, the only thing that is on the back of my brain is what the judge will be like. Will he see through his shit or not? I know there is no way of predicting this and no sense in worrying about the future/things unseen. I think the judge will predict all of this to whether my life will be easier or full of shit...but I'm trying hard not to think about it too much. Don't want an ulcer.

    Oh and the gym thing...I have a gym here at my apt. I was wondering how the hell I can work out with her unless I wheeled her on over in her stroller when she passed out, but I realized I can probably wear her and walk on the treadmill. I have a better sex through yoga DVD which clearly I'm not sexing but maybe I can bust it out for the yoga aspects of it. I have no income so I really can't add another bill to my plate but the gym with daycare is one of the first things i will add as soon as I can.

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  • Even going for a walk while she in the stroller works :) if you walk for 10min stop and face her while you do toe raises or lunges and then continue walking. I mean, if it's nice outside. :)
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  • What @roxalot said and i know i say this a lot but there is no point borrowing trouble from tomorrow by worrying about what ifs. Just enjoy today becauase tomorrow will come soon enough
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    You can't stress yourself out like this: it's not healthy and he's NOT worth it. I would definetly document with your lawyer that you TRIED to reach out to him to let him see his child, but he didn't even attempt to see her. I agree with @beccaga16 ....don't let him win! You and your daughter deserve so much better than this asshole.
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