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Getting DS retested

So waiting.... And waiting... And waiting

In RAST results. It is a 1 year follow up.

does anyone else feel like their allergy will come back just gone and the whole time you were doing something unnecessary? I always question his allergies even though I know . It drives me crazy!!

Re: Getting DS retested

  • Justabean3Justabean3 member
    edited April 2014
    Not that anyone read this. But he was retested and out of the 32 things tested 3 were negative...

    His paper work looks like a red mess and nothing under a 3 except 2 things...

    Waaaaa most are environmental which Is why his asthma is so bad :(

    This was on the 0-6 class levels
  • It was expected although every time we test I get farther out of denial.

    His nut allergy was still a level 4 but one or two when a little down and we didn't even bother testing his wheat again since he is already defined Celiac with an actual wheat allergy.
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  • My daughter is teated yearly and every year when i think she cant possibly be allergic to anything else something always turns up. She was tested 4 months ago and is now allergic to nuts and all! Raw fruit and vegetables :/ talk about radical diet change

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