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A 2nd spot which looks like an empty sac? Anyone have this?

I notice on my first Transvaginal ultrasound yesterday that I had what appeared to be a 2nd sac but empty.

I mentioned it but my Ob just quickly zoomed up on my baby, and changed the subject. Which, then I was distracted but realized she never explained it.

I'm trying to search online and finding   things like Vanishing Twin, Sub-hemotomias. Anyone else have anything that looks like this. I'm defiantly changing Ob's however, She didn't put a view of it on my print out which is kind of weird since with my son I didn't have this spot or 2nd sac?

I'm also concerened cause the other week I had Horrible Cramping that felt pretty close to contractions! Then I had Awful Diaherea. Now I've been experianceing pains on my one side that come and go. I asked her but she said well, something didn't agree with me? Really, and I'm still having pains?

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