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BD really stands for Big Douche

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In my case it does anyway. He sent me a random message on Easter. Why he always enjoys to fuck with me on holidays I'll never understand, but every single holiday he contacts me without fail. He never asks about Liliana though. It's just to insult me and piss me the hell off. He knows I'm friends with his sister-in-law and he messaged me and basically said that he wanted me to REALLY look at his SIL's profile and KNOW that that was the kind of life I would NEVER be able to give a baby. No, maybe I can't right now but I will give her a better life some day. I'm working on it asshole. I'm doing the best I can with what I have. And I don't see you stepping up to help us in ANY way. I'm doing the best I can, and I don't need a guilt trip from an absent father on what I can't give my daughter. I really, really don't need it! And he was all like "you're just waiting on PAYDAY aren't you? I bet you are" ...we have family court on June 25th again, that's what he's refering to as my "payday" but ya'll should be proud of me because this is the very first time that I did not respond!!!! So many things I wanted to say but I fought the urge, go me! lol. I'm not going to let him get to me...he's just looking for a reaction, trying to piss me off and my guess is he really just can't stand that his brother and sister-in-law make him feel like shit for being a deadbeat...haha.
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Re: BD really stands for Big Douche

  • Good for you for not responding
  • High five for not responding. What an asshole.
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  • I give you this gif fornot respondingimage
  • You have way more self control then I ever could. Good for you girlfriend.

    Who he thinks he is for telling you what life you can give her when he isn't doing shit is beyond me. Asshole. You're there for her and give her love and support.. Exactly what she needs.
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    inthelostMinnesotaMomma91[Deleted User]
  • You are an amazing mother . Babies don't want anything but love and food. He is a complete asshole and doesn't deserve to rent any space in your head. Fuck him.
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