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Pacifier weaning

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My son is almost 10 1/2 months and I want to get him off the pacifier hopefully by the time he is 1. He only uses it during naps and at night. Once he falls asleep the binkie comes out and I have been trying to take it out of his crib. If he starts to move around, he will be half asleep trying to feel for the binkie. If he can't find it he tends to cry. He will sleep the whole night but around 4am if his binkie isn't in the crib he will cry. If he has it, he will suck on it until he falls back asleep and will sleep another 2 hours. It's definitely something he uses to self soothe when he stirrs or wakes up in the night or early morning. Any tips or tricks on weaning from the binkie? Should I just do it cold turkey? I do feel bad because he is cutting his molars, so I don't know if I should wait a couple weeks because he is pretty miserable as it is right now. Any suggestions or advice? Thanks!!

Re: Pacifier weaning

  • I would wait until he's not so miserable. You don't want to make too many changes at once
  • I agree with PP. Wait until he is all good with most everything else then take away the soother...I won't be easy but sending positive vibes it's a smooth transition for you and LO.
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  • There is no need to wean this early. If he can find it on his own, pop it back in, and fall back asleep, why would you try to to take away his soother?
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  • I'm only considering taking it away because he already has 8 teeth and the dentist said by the age of 1 would be ideal since he already has so many teeth. I also don't want him having to use it for years because he is so attached.
  • I would not take it away just yet.  I personally think it's best to wait until they can communicate a little more, maybe around 18-24 months (if they still want it).  The biggest concern for taking a pacifier away too early is that the baby may resort to thumb sucking for comfort.  Thumbs cause way more problems with teeth as well as skeletal development.   The main concern with the teeth is developing a habit that could affect the permanent dentition.  We are talking about teeth that are not coming in for another 6-7 years.  You can get an anterior open bite in the primary dentition with pacifier use but it will self correct.  I would hold off for now, especially during teething!
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