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Pediatrician recommendations anywhere between Garner/Raleigh/Cary...

Hi all,
  I'm a FTM currently living in Garner.  I'm looking for pediatrician recommendations somewhat nearby (my husband and I travel to Cary or Raleigh respectively for our own doctors so that wouldn't be a big deal either)  We'd like to find someone who is fairly laid back; we're all about western medicine when needed but would love to find someone who doesn't immediately reach for the antibiotics and who might consider, or at least discuss, alternate vaccination schedules.  Basically looking for a good doctor with a bit of hippie in there :)  Would be happy to consider a DO vs MD.  Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

Re: Pediatrician recommendations anywhere between Garner/Raleigh/Cary...

  • unfortunately I am no help but just wanted to let you know FWIW that most peds I checked out around here were very strict about if you don't do regular schedule they wont see you....we go to Cary/Apex/FV peds and they are very strict about vaccinations.  but I do love the office and would recommend them.  
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  • We're in the Garner area and have decided to go with Western Wake Peds (corner of Tryon and Cary Parkway). We just went to a meet-and-greet a few weeks ago and they seemed fairly laid back. He (Dr. Smith led the tour) also mentioned that most parents do the vaccine schedule, but 10% of their patients don't, which makes me think they aren't that strict. 
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  • My ped office (Jeffers, Mann, & Artman) just instituted a policy that all children must be vaccinated by the recommended AAP schedule unless there is a medical reason not to. You can probably cross them off your list. Good luck! :)

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