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DS started a fever Monday eve & today (Thursday) it seems to have calmed down. But he's so tired & not playful. I'm trying to get in to see my dr today because I kind of suspect ear infection. Is this normal for them to be so tired?? He's not eating much solids, but still nursing & lots of wet diapers. He will not sleep in his crib & has been sleeping with us all week.

He also started walkng so I dunno if that means anything energy wise?? I feel like an over reacting FTM

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  • tricia560 said:

    I don't think you're overreacting; I'd take Buddy into the doctor too if he appeared run down and his appetite was off after 4 days.  It doesn't sound like an emergency or anything, but IME an ear infection is a definite possibility.

    Thanks. We talked to a nurse on Tuesday & she said it sounded like teething. All these symptoms sound like it could be so many things.

  • UPDATE : I was right - the one ear was a bit red inside, but not an infection. He said to just watch how he is tonight.

    I talked to 2 nurses. One said teething & the other said "we don't asociate fevers with teething because we could miss something else"
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