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WTF Wednesday

WTF Dunkin Donuts. I am in love with their cookie dough coffee. Had one yesterday and delish. Had one today and couldn't taste the flavor at all. YUCK.

WTF - I had to look at the calendar to know it was Wednesday.

WTF- Can't believe ManChild didn't see his daughter while we were in FL. I mean, I can believe it but he's a freak of nature.

WTF- Thanks everyone for the GOBS of easter candy when I'm trying to lose baby weight. Joy.

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Re: WTF Wednesday

  • WTF dad: "just because you think you're an adult..." I'm sorry, what? Last I checked, adulthood starts at 18. I was 18 12yrs ago. I'm an adult. Fuck you.
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  • Wtf self quit eating cookies. Wtf ds stop growing up so fast
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  • Wtf 3 year old...stop being fresh! I dknt even know how to discipline you cause time out isn't working.
    Wtf 3 year old's nose - I can't believe you broke! My ex is going to have a field day with this.
    wtf stbxh I can't believe you are leaving me to do this alone 80% of the time with 2 kids this little. I want to cry today.
  • @Mrslynnyd what happened that the three year old has a broken nose? I know 3 year olds can be real rough and touble so im just curious.

    Also im sorry your having a rough day. Would your family be able to take ds one evening a week so you could look into a single mom support group? Or are there any local moms groups you could join?
  • @MinnesotaMomma91‌ he was running away from me (trying not to eat his breakfast). He was running into the couch and tripped. Instead of throwing himself into the seat cushion, he missed and smashed his face into the bottom part of the couch that holds the cushions. He had a bad rug burn yesterday but today woke up swollen and bruised. We go to see the ENT next week, he said there is a possibility it might not be broken but the ER dr said it was.
    As for a mommy group. I belong to one. I shouldn't feel so overwhelmed since the kids have dinner twice per week with their dad but I am off today and it started in the ER and it was just rough. I need to figure something out.
  • Its been a hard day, its okay to feel over whelmed on a rough day!
  • Hugs @mrslynnyd! It's totally okay to feel overwhelmed!
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  • Thanks gals. I'm glad I have you to come talk to.
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