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  • funchickenfunchicken member
    edited April 2014
    mrszee2b said:
    Okay, I know my brags are often shoe-related :) but here's another one. After 2.5 years of refusing to wear sneakers I found a pair that DD likes, and she's been wearing them for a week. They're Converse high tops with stretch laces, so she can even put them on herself, which is awesome. Her fine motor delays make it hard for her to tie laces, but she hates not being able to do things herself.
    I just found a pair of these at the Gap (converse style with elastic laces)- DS loved them and asked if he could have more shoes with laces because they look "cooler" than velcro. I about fell over. I'm going to look for neon colored elastic and try replacing the laces in other shoes.

    I found these at Target. I'm tempted to buy the next size up, too.
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