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Spitting out solids

DD has been self-feeding for about a month now, and will only allow me to feed her yogurt.  I think somehow she understands that she can't make that happen herself yet...  However, now she's putting the food in her mouth, chewing it a bit, and then spitting it out.  Thank God for my four-legged furry portable garbage disposal, she takes care of most of the mess!  I'm sure this is just a phase we're going through, and she's still happy and bf-ing well so I'm not very concerned, I'm just wondering if anyone else is or has experienced this.  Did anyone go back to purees for a spell?  She is just getting over a sore throat, so I thought it was tied to that, but she seems to be feeling much better...  Just looking for some input!  Thanks, ladies!

Re: Spitting out solids

  • DS eats a crap ton of solids (he's almost 12 months) and lately he's been chewing & spitting out. I figure it's a phase??
  • DS has been eating anything and everything and he will sometimes chew food and spit out but then take it and put it back in. I'm with pp in thinking it's a phase! I do offer those pouch purées when we are on the go and busy and feel that he'd benefit and get some nutirents that way. Good luck!
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  • We are in the same phase!! Its been a few weeks though. Some days are better than others. 

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