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Allergy eyes and milk allergy

Ds pedi is always talking about his allergy eyes and how he has dark circles under his eyes. She also always comments on his nose and how it looks awful inside. He takes Zyrtec, nose spray and she wants to prescribe another med. ds never complains or has the usual allergy symptoms like runny nose, sneezing, etc. allergy testing really came back with nothing so she has stopped asking if we would get rid if the dog. However, a slight milk sensitivity came back so we are going dairy free for 10 days to see if that makes a difference. He never complains of a belly ache, etc. has anyone ever had milk affect their nose, eyes?

Re: Allergy eyes and milk allergy

  • Dairy didn't have an impact on either one of my kid's eyes, but they both sneezed and had congestion while on dairy. Just out of curiousity, did the dr tell you why 10 days? It can take quite a while for all of the dairy to exit your LO's system.
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  • Before adding a 3rd medicine when the other 2 have made no impact we figured we would try no diary to see if there was any improvement
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