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I used to never think I wanted to have I'm trying for a second! :)

Just wanted to share that we are trying for our second and we are SO excited! Our baby girl is 10 mons. It's funny to me now that I was never someone who was into the idea of having kids. Then slowly I warmed to the idea. I guess with age (36 yrs old with the birth of my DD) it finally felt right. Now we are excited to see if we can expand our family again! Any advice about having 2 or stories about what you love about having 2 (or more) children welcome! :) Fingers crossed that it happens!

Re: I used to never think I wanted to have I'm trying for a second! :)

  • I can't speak for two under two yet as I haven't experienced that and won't until late May or so.  We have three kids right now and are adding our fourth then.  While having two kids can be more work for the parents, the joy is also increased immensely.  I love the relationship each of my kids have with one another.  They fight sometimes but they love each other so much.  Also, sometimes it is actually easier having more than one kid since they entertain each other.  My oldest embraced her big sister role at 2 years, 3 months when our second was born.  She immediately assumed a little mommy role by getting and throwing diapers out for me.  She helped burp the baby and pick out her clothes.  She never showed jealousy.

    We always knew we wanted two kids but I never thought we would one day have four kids. It is still crazy for me to imagine and all four were totally planned.  I think you will love having two and don't be totally surprised if you find yourself with baby fever again.  
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    That is so wonderful to hear! Congrats to you on your upcoming addition to your family! I'm very excited to see if it happens for us, fingers cross! :)
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