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I was told yesterday after an transvaginal ultra sound and blood tests that I have PCOS. I have always lived a healthy life and have had a regular every 30 day period; I could have told you when I was going to get it and that it always came in the evening. After 7 months of TTC my period stopped cold turkey in November 2013, no signs of stopping at all. Was put on a round of Provera by OBGYN in January 2014, no period after the 1st round and wasn't given any reason to why my period stopped. Decided to see a Fertility Doctor, she helped right away and determined that I have PCOS after putting me on a second round of Provera and the Ultrasound. Currently on a round of Femara and then I go back in for a MUS in 2 weeks - fingers crossed and lots of prayers that we can get pregnant with these first few rounds of help!!! I am the first women in my group of friends and family to be diagnosed with PCOS, anyone have any great reads or suggestions on how to live with PCOS? Thanks ahead of time!! Lots of love! 
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