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XP: What to put in custody order

So unfortunately BM has made some threats that mean we will officially(most likely) be going back to court.  There were a lot of things left out of the custody order the first time(like nothing about school), so we want to make sure to cover as much as we can in the modification so we don't have to go again.  So what I'm asking is, what do you think should definitely be included in a custody order, what wasn't put in your that you wish was, etc so we can try to cover all of our bases.  We have 50/50 custody, and should be keeping it if that helps at all.  

Re: XP: What to put in custody order

  • Im going to say cover your ass and put everything in the co.

    Out of curiosity are you the single dad who posted here a few months back?
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    We haven't finalized ours yet or gone to court but we included:

    *ALL holidays including summers being split between both parents & Christmases being split time wise (Mom AM, Dad PM alternating years etc)
    *Life insurance by both mom and dad for LO
    *No SO's around LO until relationship has been established for 6 months
    *Tax claims alternate years

    Can't think of what else but there was a lot...

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  • I am actually posting for my SO, but no that wouldn't have been him.  They finalized their divorce/ original custody order in late 2012.  We do at least have a good chunk of things in ours, outlined 50/50 custody schedule(that BM wants to change with nothing in writing and within a week), most holidays although there may be some changes to that etc and the ship has sailed on the SO around the kids thing.  BM refers to her last boyfriend and current one as her husband/fiance interchangeably although they're neither and started making LO call the recent one Daddy the first week of meeting him, she is now moving in with him 5 months into the relationship so nothing that can really be done. OH and SO and I have been together for a little over 2 years. 

    About the taxes thing, we do have the alternating years written but for anyone who might be in a similar situation to us, BM has not worked for the last 4 and 1/2 years so we had it written in that if one parent is not going to be filing taxes then the other parent gets to claim the child that year as well.   
  • Auuuuh, well either way hope you got good advice
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