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Preschool registration question


I'm popping over with a quick question about my son's registration form for preschool. One page asks for our insurance info - the company and the policy number. I'm assuming they want this info if there's an emergency and they can't get a hold of us, but is there some other reason they may want it? Did any of you provide this info when you enrolled your children in a preschool program?


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  • Not every preschool requires it, but it is good information for them to have in case of an emergency.  The preschool that DD currently attends did not ask for insurance information, but the one that I have her enrolled in for next year required it. 
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  • I would provide the info and not worry about it.  There's a 99.999% chance that the paper with your insurance info will sit in a drawer untouched the entire time your child attends the preschool. 

    If, however, something happened to your child and having that info was the difference between emergency treatment right now and emergency treatment after the school is able to track you down, you'd want them to have it at their fingertips.
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  • I provide the info. While a hospital won't refuse to assist in an absolute emergency, if something is in that bit of a gray area- like the kid hit their head and needs checking out but seems generally ok- they might not admit the child to the ER. It depends on the hospital and their policies, state and local laws, if the hospital is public or private, etc. 

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  • Thank you all!
  • Yes, we had to include that info on the registration forms at my daughters' school.
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  • i am a head start teacher. we ask for that information on the application so that we can then put it on the child's emergency forms (additional information is asked at the initial home visit before starting in our program). in my role, we also work with families to obtain health insurance who do not have health insurance.


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