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How early did you start looking at daycare?

I am on the December 2014 Moms board and some people are talking about needing to look at daycares already.  Any advice on how early to start looking in the Newark area?  Are there long waiting lists?  Also, any recommendations for Newark, DE?
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Re: How early did you start looking at daycare?

  • My baby was born in June 2013 and we started looking for daycares around march 2013. We went with an in home daycare in our area. I think it might depend on where you are looking. I know some places have waiting lists. it doesn't hurt to check some places out. 
  • Congrats!! I think it is all a personal preference... Some centers might have waiting lists. What type of child care are you looking for?
  • Thank you! I am thinking a center and unfortunately I have to go right back to work so I am going to need somewhere that will take at my little one at 6 weeks.
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  • There are a few centers in Newark, there is a Goddard, Tudor Time, I think a La Petite too? I think most of them probably take 6 wk olds.
  • Thank you @mary97!  That website was really helpful.  I think I am going to keep researching but wait a bit before I actually call or tour anything. 

    Any additional recommendations of places would be helpful with my research!
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  • I had DS in November 2013 and we had made a decision by like August, we chose in home care and I LOVE his daycare lady! I am due with LO in November 2014 and she already has his spot held or I would send you her info!
  • @Ashleyfurillo
    How did you find the home day care that you use?
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