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~*~*~*Toddler Check In*~*~*~

Hey ladies! Sorry I didn't get the check in posted yesterday, we were out of town for my great uncle's funeral service. 

How's everyone doing? Milestones? Challenges? Funny stories?

QOTW- If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you want to live? 
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Re: ~*~*~*Toddler Check In*~*~*~

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  • Hi Everyone! I've missed a couple of weeks here but hope you all are doing great!

    We had a wonderful Easter! DD had 3 egg hunts & she got a pretty pink bike w/ streamers :) It's been fun watching H try to teach her to peddle and ride her 1st tricycle...sweet memories for sure.

    Milestones: she's still learning & amazing me w everything she picks up. She's like a sponge!

    Challenges: we're def in the "tough" 2's stage....testing the waters & having complete melt downs. We had to leave a store last week bc of a melt down! This is new territory for us bc she's been so easy as a newborn, infant, & 1 yr old...but I accept the challenge! ;)

    QOTW: I would choose somewhere in Europe. Either South of France or a pretty English town by the English Channel.

    Happy Hump Day!

    @mrsjessicamitchell‌ - I'm praying for you!
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  • @mrsjessicamitchell - sorry you're having a rough time, keeping you in my thoughts.

    We're having a rough time to be honest - either the dreaded 18 month sleep regression or some sort of cold / virus / something. Up and screaming for hours every.single.night. We're in the middle of moving and big project at work and I'm taking driving lessons to get my UK license and it's just all a bit of a nightmare at the moment. Keeping everything crossed she settles down soon.

    Milestones: She's finally walking on her own! Not very steadily but after months of holding onto furniture and shuffling around, it's really exciting. And she has a few words now which is adorable!

    Challenges: Sleeping. It's awful.

    QODT: I would love to live somewhere in Italy for a while, the weather in Scotland is depressing and I could use some sun!

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  • @mrsjessicamitchell - Continuing to think of you and hope things get better with your H soon.  Thanks for running the check in.  It's great to hear what everyone else's LOs are up to!

    Milestones? No real milestones, but DD is showing more of an interest in the potty and will pee on it occasionally at school after the other kids go.  I think it's great that they are slowly getting her more comfortable with it and we will probably do full on potty training later this summer when she's 2.5 or so.

    Challenges? Just the typical toddler temper tantrum stuff.  We're also having a difficult time cutting down on screen time.  This winter was so bad that we got in to some bad habits, but now that the weather is starting to get nicer I'm trying to encourage less screen time and more outside time (hard when you don't have a backyard and live in a busy city).

    QOTW- I would love to live in the Bahamas.  That's where DH is from and where all of his family live so we would have a great support network and would get to enjoy some very nice weather for much of the year. :)  Maybe one day!
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  • Thinking of you @mrsjessicamitchell!

    Milestones: This has been a busy week for Miss A. She is fully on WCM now and bottle free!!! We transitioned to fully sippy cups and all WCM this week. She is doing well. She also knows how to dance. She has a little baby laptop that plays lots of songs and if I turn one on and say dance, she does! Its so cute! She is waving bye-bye more often now. She is proficient at climbing up stairs and now wants to do it without help! 

    Challenges: She still wakes up in the middle of the night a few times a week, but it has gotten better. She has days of severe constipation and we don't know what is causing it. My big challenge right now might be my MIL. I know she means well, but on Friday when Miss A wouldn't drink her juice, she decided to put it in a bottle saying she didn't think Miss A was ready for sippy cups. See above milestones as to why that is not true! 

    Cute/Funny Story: When I woke up the other morning at 5:15, I looked at the monitor as I always do and Miss A was sitting up in her crib - no crying, no talking...just sitting. Not sure how long she had been awake, but it was funny. Also, at the Easter Egg Hunt on Sunday, she was more interested in watching the older kids and walking than actually looking for eggs!

    QOTW: Some place tropical like Hawaii or the Caribbean. I love the ocean and sunshine. DH would laugh because he says I pick places to live based only on weather. That said, I think I could do Italy for a couple of years or some place in South America - I was an exchange student to Ecuador in high school and just love the Latin culture.
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    AL always welcome! 

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