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Did any of you do an announcement on Facebook? I'm wondering if it's a generational thing? I never announce that I'm pregnant to my FB friends maybe I'm the odd one out though. On my birth month board everyone is showing their elaborate photo shoot announcements! Maybe I'm crazy (or an old lady, LOL) but I just post a picture of my baby at the end of my PG and call it a day. What about you all? If you did do a big announcement let's see 'em! Happy Tuesday, JM

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Re: Facebook Announcement

  • I never have before, but I have been thinking about it for this pregnancy. Quite a few of my friends have put scan pics up.

    When I told DH I was pregnant, I drew a stick figure family portrait for him, with a stick figure baby in my belly and let him work it out. I did think about putting that picture (or another version of it because I sure never kept the original) up and say something like, "a few weeks ago I drew a family portrait for DH"

    But part of me thinks it's being an AW, and I can just message the people who I want to know, with a basic couple of sentences.

    FWIW the people who have announced on facebook have been a whole range of ages.
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    With my first I simply put a picture of myself with a round belly once we were comfortable sharing with "the world". Everyone wants something else though so people do what they do and that's that... Honestly I don't know anybody who did not announce on FB is some way ot another.
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  • I just did a status update saying we were having another baby and were very excited. It literally could have been a tweet. No elaborate anything. But I have approximately 20 aunts and uncles and over 50 cousins, so trying to send an email guarantees I will forget someone and cause Big Drama. FB was just easier for me.
  • We haven't mentioned it on FB and of the few people we have told, we asked them not to mention it either. We will probably put something on there when he is born. 

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    We announced on FB at about 20 weeks after all close friends & family were told.  My husband was really excited to share the news and that seemed to be the easiest way.   
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  • We announced on Facebook on Easter. A first for us since Facebook wasn't invented yet with my last pregnancy (that didn't end in mc). I looked on Pinterest for ideas since I have no creative thoughts of my own lol.

     I had my son take a pic of dh and I, me holding a little signn that says due nov 4th,and dh had his arms around me with his fingers doing a heart shape over my belly. In the announcement I also put 1 Samuel 1:27 I prayed for this child, and the Lord has granted me what I asked of him.

     We have lots of family out of state and friends all over so this way all knew.
  • We announced on FB per husband's request. He's so excited and wanted to share sooner than I felt comfortable. The added support was really nice, I have to admit
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  • I'm a blogger and active in social media, so when I wrote a blog post announcing the news I shared it on Facebook.
  • Not yet (and am 39 weeks now).  DH is very anti-fb in general (he's a computer guy and very security/privacy conscious).  I'm considering changing my profile picture to a whale as a little hint but haven't done it yet.  I will want to put some sort of birth announcement after she is born but it will be more vague than most again due to his privacy concerns.  He won't really want any mention but will just have to live with it. :)
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    My husband just found out yesterday with no doc appointment yet and announced it on facebook two hours later. I am 38 and he is 40 and its our first. I guess if it ends up not being viable we will have a lot of support but it does make me nervous. I took 3 tests throughout the week so I know I am pregnant. Age makes me nervous and I was going to wait but I couldn't deny him his excitement. :)


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    We did after telling our family and close friends. It was the easiest way to let everyone know!
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    We told our immediate family and a few close friends around 12 weeks but decided not to announce it to everyone till my anatomy scan and we knew the sex. FB is an easy way to share news with everyone at once. My husband decided he wanted to do a fun project so he made a mini "rube goldberg" machine. We videoed it and posted it. It was fun. Here is the link if anyone is interested in checking it out. 

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    oops lets try that again. Here is the link 

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    Ok that was weird. Sorry for all the posts. It wouldn't attach the link. Think Ive got it sorted now though. lol
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    Cool video! I love it.


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  • Because of my job, I have to announce earlier than I normally would to the general public. I delay it on Facebook as long as possible and then just usually mention it casually in the context of something else. 

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  • I wasn't going to tell my job until they tried to give me a patient with active shingles, the next week it was a patient with confirmed tuberculosis, so the cat is out of the bag there. For our first, we did a FB announcement after the first tri. I had already had one MC, so was hesistant to post. We looked on pinterest, and i just took a pic of my dog with my boyfriends shoes, my shoes, and baby shoes lined up in front, and a chalkboard that had the due date written on it. We will probably announce again with this one, but I'm not sure when. I rarely use my sons name on the internet, and fussed at my boyfriend for using his full name when he announced the birth.
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  • The first time I put up a picture of the ultrasound, I don't know what I'll do for #2, we announced WAY too early with #1! thank god nothing happened! His parent knew within a week of us knowing and his work knew before that! he could not contain himself! lol
  • We have announced both of Facebook, but not with any flair at all. Maybe I'll get something fun cooked up this time instead of just writing a few sentences. 
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  • This is a great question because I wanted to do an announcement. My hubby doesn't. I want to badly but not sure I want everyone on FB knowing?  Maybe fear of my age and such, but what about creating a private group on message to post a pic or something?  

    I'm pinteresting so that I can get my creative juices flowing.  Lets see what I come up with!   

    Good luck!
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    We did a FB announcement after the NT. It was really cute, got the idea from Pinterest. We were leaning on a tree, holding a chalkboard sign that quoted the kid's rhyme, "...sitting in a tree. Kissing. First comes love..." It was a fun way to announce to those we don't get to see regularly.
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