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Second time around

My first LO had milk/soy issues as well as reflux. We were dairy and soy free until he was 18 months. I'm pregnant and wondering about the new LO. Would it make any difference to cut out milk/soy before birth this time? I'm seriously considering going milk/soy free for at least the first few months after birth anyways. The mommy guilt of not knowing the first time is hard to get over. Poor guy was 5 months old before we got a good dr and diet change.
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Re: Second time around

  • Different people and doctors have different opinions, but my allergist advised going dairy free at least 2-3 weeks before my delivery date to make sure it was out of my system. Being honest, it was way harder trying to avoid dairy when I didn't have the baby and reason to avoid the allergens. When DS was born I knew within a week that he was having the same reactions/symptoms DD did so I was able to get him into the allergist quicker and get my suspicions confirmed.
  • My 2nd has zero allergies just eczema
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  • DD had a milk allergy that wasn't diagnosed until she was 2.5 and ended up in the hospital with a feeding tube etc. I totally get the guilt of not having caught it!! I just had my second and I avoided all dairy immediately after her birth (but never while pregnant) and she still has huge food intolerances. The allergist said that some say it is worse for their body to have never been exposed to the allergen than to have had a brief exposure. I realize what I just told you doesn't really give you an answer to your question except to say that now you know the signs so maybe give the new LO a chance to see if maybe they don't have any intolerances first before you start taking things out of your diet.
  • I agree that allergies should never be assumed without reasonable reaction and just assuming out of fear.
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