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Do you take a probiotic? What benefits do you notice? Brought to you by my MLM friends convincing everyone they know that they have Candida. I'm curious if probiotics are really helpful for other things. Thanks!

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Re: Probiotic?

  • I don't use it but we give it to dd daily. It really has helped her gi tract and her immune system.
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  • I take one to help with digestion issues while I'm pregnant. I also eat a lot of fermented vegetables.
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  • I give it to DS 2 when he is on an antibiotic.  I used to give it to him daily because he has a milk protein intolerance and had a lot of stomach issues at first.  I do notice a difference in him.  I have thought about trying it out myself but haven't.
  • I don't take one but DS gets biogai probiotic drops to help with tummy issues.

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  • I do, especially now. They are one of the most important supplements during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. For me, I notice more regularity and energy but they also help you absorb nutrients, reduce inflammation and prepare the birth canal for passing the bacteria to your baby. There is a documentary called Microbirth - watch it! It will enlighten you to how important they are for your baby. Studies show that women who take prenatal probiotics have babies with lower instances of allergies, eczema, etc. And, it helps reduce your risk of mastitis, shed your baby weight and keep you mentally and emotionally healthy postpartum. I take PRO-Moms from Hyperbiotics because they are made with the exact strains that benefit pregnant and nursing women.
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