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Interpretation Help Please

Ok ladies- so I am feeling a bit bummed.  I had originally got crosshairs on my chart.  It looked like we had great timing and yet AF has arrived.  I just for giggles removed the OPK and now FF can't interpret my chart for even some dotted CH.  I know we have not been trying long, but I feel like if there is an issue with Ovulation I would just assume get some testing and treatment now rather than waiting.

For all you charting guru's see what you can make of it please.

Thanks a million!

Re: Interpretation Help Please

  • I can't seem to get your chart either, I just thought it was me because I haven't been on FF in forever. Can you fix the link?
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  • Sorry Ladies, lets try this again.

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  • Thanks Ladies- I had +OPK on CD17-20.  
  • I originally had thought it should be around CD 16 but did not get the first +OPK until CD17.  I had started with the OPK on CD13 all neg until CD17.
  • Thanks so much,  I usually have the CM but never really noticed any this cycle.  I thought that was kind of odd but tried not to read much into it.
  • I vote either cd19 or cd21. I do think you O'd, as there is a clear thermal shift. FF takes into account all the info you give it, so the more signs you have the more accurate it will be. The other ladies gave you some good advice re cm.
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