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Help!! We have a rash!

It started yesterday morning, I noticed it on her back after breakfast.  During church it started spreading to her belly, and after we got home I just stripped her down to her diaper so it wouldn't rub on clothing.  By bedtime it was creeping up her neck and scalp, and this morning it's all over her face and diaper area too.  Her arms and legs are fine. ????  We haven't changed anything, no new foods, no new laundry soap.  She did have a slight fever way back on Thursday, and has been super duper clingier than usual, but I had thought she was teething.  Guess not tho.  Any ideas?  Doc doesn't open for 2 hours...

Re: Help!! We have a rash!

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    Did you figure out what it was? I noticed a 'weird' rash on my son a couple weeks ago...turned out to be eczema and it's only on arms and legs (not body or face). Hopefully your LO heals quick!
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  • Yep, just a viral thing.  It's just that it's all over, but if doc says it's nothing to worry about I'll worry a lot less.  :)
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  • My son had hand foot and mouth that never presented in any of those areas (well, a bit on the top of his hands) and it cleared within 7 days. He had it on his face, torso, buttocks, and upper legs. Tis the season for that nasty virus. Hope she feels better soon!
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