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Nutramigen for MSPI?

LO was diagnosed with MSPI at 3 weeks. I removed dairy, soy, eggs, and nuts from my diet and it went great! She is now 15 weeks and we have reintroduced everything except soy. All went well...

Next month I will be away for 2 weeks and asked the pedi for a supplement in case she runs out of breast milk. He gave me a Nutramigen sample. We were going to test it this weekend but I read the label and it has casien (milk) and soy in it. Is it common for MSPI babies to be prescribed Nutramigen?

Re: Nutramigen for MSPI?

  • We tried Nutramigen with ds2, but he is milk allergic (and was soy intolerant) so we had to go to Neocate. I believe that even though it has milk and soy the proteins are broken down a bit farther than regular formulas so some mspi kids can tolerate them.

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  • Thanks! The pediatric nurse finally called back and said Neocate would be the next step if she could not tolerate the Nutramigen. We tried 4 oz and she had some mucous in her bowel but that was the only symptom so it appears she is developing a tolerance.
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