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Including our angels in the holiday

How are you including your angel in the holidays?

We had a card and this bunny from our Angel Noah to DS1.
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Re: Including our angels in the holiday

  • I actually stayed home for Easter because I was too emotional.  But we bought the boys new Easter books and my sister in law came over with more books and a stuffed bunny for their nursery.  
  • We gave the Carly Marie sunset prints of Coraline's name to our family members.

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    This was our second Easter since losing Devon, and we didn't really include him in our celebration this year [which was very simple and watered down compared to years past]. I did spend some time yesterday morning talking to him and wishing him a Happy Easter, though. I do that for all major holidays.


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  •  My family had plans already and DH isn't speaking to his sister so we had a few of the IL's over to our house for dinner. My MIL cooked the meal and brought it over...that's my kind of holiday :)   As for incorporating Jack, honestly we didn't. I'd really like to but DH and his family are a little uncomfortable I think with my openness of even talking about Jack. MIL had a Pandora bracelet she was showing my SIL.... she was talking about the three birthstones she had for her three kids (MH, SIL and BIL) who happen to be the same birthstones and me, MH and Jack. She couldn't remember which was which I piped in and said "Jim is light blue, John's green like mine, and Rebecca's is dark blue for December just like Jack... "   and just kinda left it at that. I was happy to see though that the "its a boy" charm  my MIL had gotten months ago is still on her bracelet. I honestly was worried she'd taken it off.

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    Jack has handpicked his sibling up there :)

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