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Thank you & I will do that!

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  • Seek legal aid. Get a lawyer. We cant tell you that. We dont know state laws.
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    Huh? I missed something...

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  • Op edited her post. She wanted us to tell her how easy it would be for her to get sole custody because her ex is filing for joint. I need to remember to quote for proof
  • Op edited her post. She wanted us to tell her how easy it would be for her to get sole custody because her ex is filing for joint. I need to remember to quote for proof
    Actually, how difficult it would be and the necessary steps-with added info that the ex has a drug habit and has sent multiple texts of verbal harassment as well as suicide threats. He isn't filing he has threatened to, so I came her looking for some advice from women who have been in my position (I am aware laws and regs vary from state to state) and advice/tips on what I should do. But thank you for trying to minimize my situation and what i am going through!
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    Oh for the love of god. Heres what i know, my sons dad is a dip shit. But as long as he has never laid hands on me or my son i cant take away rights. So for all his drug issues they may give you sole custody. They may not. They may say joint till he fucks up. They may say supefvised visitations.

    So go get a lawyer, get legal aid. They can advise you better then a bunch of internet strangers.

  • I honestly didn't think your first response was that snarky.

    And im proooobably the snarkiest person on this board.
  • Haha my first responce wasnt that snarky, just short. Then she dirty deleted and i got snarky. And then i got super snarky
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  • Plus this totally gave me an excuse to bust out some snarky gifs
  • beccaga16 said:
    My X is a convicted pedophile.

    I have full legal and physical custody, but I cannot terminate his rights.

    Ask a legal professional what your options are and don't presume that a blunt answer is the same as a insensitive one. The first thing we tell every person when asked a legal question is to ask a LEGAL professional in your STATE. 

    We have all been through shit, nobody minimized yours don't pretend like you are the first to get here. Honestly, this journey is hard and REAL! It will not do you any good if we pussyfoot around. That is why we are realistic when we answer. 

    ETA: I am not trying to scare you away, just telling you that sometimes the best help is hard to hear. Don't attack us because it is harsh. Shake it off, put on a helmet and get ready to fight for your kid and your happiness. Welcome to SP!
    I know many have a way worse situation than I am in. I am in no way looking to hear how easy it will be or how sorry any one is. I cam here to get advice on what the custody process entails from people who have been through it or currently going through it. What you said was not harsh in the least bit. I deleted my original question because the first response was correct and I didn't want as much detail to be stamped to my name. I thanked the first responder and knew there was no other or better response I would get. But for that same person who responded (which the first response was in no way snarky or rude) to then come back and try to say I was looking for some woe is me tell me how easy this will be kind of sympathetic bullshit was a joke of a comment on her part. That's all. I don't think anyone was being harsh or rude with the realities that come with a custody battle. But I was in no way looking to be told "how easy it will be" or anything of the like. 

    Thank you for sharing your personal experience! I am doing whatever it takes to protect my son and keeping his best interest at heart. Good luck to anyone else in the same position-whether it be seeking custody, in a custody battle, or doing the single parent thing!
  • beccaga16 said:
    If you are looking at a big battle you may want to change your SN to be more incognito. Then you can share more without feeling as worried.
    My SN has no association to my real name. I just had my son's age and specifics that wouldn't be too hard for him to connect the dots on. But thank you for the suggestion!
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