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DS is 3 and we are having trouble figuring out how to potty train him.  He is non-verbal and ASD.  Our biggest problem is just getting him to sit on the potty.  He loves playing in the bathroom, right next to the toilet, I'm always pulling him out of there.  He is very interested when we are sitting on it and we tell him what we're doing.  We have the toilet lid that has a smaller section for him to sit on.  And we have the BabyBjorn Potty chair.  We screams and runs away when we try to sit him on either.  I'm thinking it has to do with sensory, but I'm not sure how to make him see that it won't hurt him.  Can you tell me what worked for you?

He also hates bathing and I'm wondering if he is seeing removing his pants as getting ready for a shower.  We gave up baths since he would cry so hard he threw up.  Now we shower him a couple times a week.  It is horrible so we do it really fast.  I've already tried a bunch of stuff to help with showers and nothing worked.  Bubbles, toys, games, etc.  Thanks in advance!
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Re: Potty Training

  • We bribed dd initially to just sit on it. We were slowly able to transition that to peeing on the potty (though she's far from trained, at least she will pee when we put her on).
    Dd also went through a phase of hating baths and we had to resort to showers for a long time. Water play in preschool really helped her get over her hatred. That and lots of bubbles.
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  • Bribery as needed. For DD we had to let her use the iPad to start with to get her to sit for long enough to go, so pull out whatever has enough value to get him to sit and stay on the potty.
    Start with sitting with pants and diaper, then just diaper, then diaperless.
    Then work on actually peeing/pooping. 

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