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Faith Friday

"Jesus said … ‘I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die.'” (John 11:25-26).

How are you feeling going into Easter weekend?

Any traditions you have/ will start for your baby on Easter?

Any new struggles/revelations this week?

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    How are you feeling going into Easter weekend? Until about 15 min ago I was looking forward to it, (See below) Im still holding on to the promise of LIFE.

    Any traditions you have/ will start for your baby on Easter? No real traditions. I just think a lot about the remembrance of the promise of life because of the death Jesus faced. 

    Any new struggles/revelations this week? My sis is 17w pregnant. She got a flag on one of her blood tests. She met with the MFM today for an ultrasound. The u/s flagged the possibility of Trisomy 18. She is getting the test next week to see if this LO has it. I have been crying even just thinking about the fact that she could lose this baby. It hurts my heart. I just, don't even know right now. Would you please pray for my sister, this baby and the family if they come to mind? 
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    @noethola, I'm so sorry, many prayers for you and your sister and your family.  I'm really hoping it's nothing and the baby is just fine.  Big hugs to you!
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  • Will definitely keep you all in prayer((hugs))
  • @Noethola‌ I'm so sorry. Keeping your sister in my prayers. Please keep us updated!
  • @Noethola I will definitely pray. That is such heartbreaking news. Praying for the best outcome, but I know that whatever happens, she will have a great support in you.

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  • @dadalou Your thoughts echo mine exactly. As much as I wish it had never happened, I have a renewed hope that not only will I get to meet Jesus, but also my beautiful daughter when my life comes to an end. I have so much more peace about facing my own death. I'm so glad that God is using Nathaniel's life to change the lives of others.
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  • How are you feeling going into Easter weekend?

    Basically what @dadalou said. After reading "Heaven is for Real" this week, these feelings were amplified. We aren't doing much family "stuff", so I feel mostly at peace. Our church gave us an opportunity to honour those who have met Jesus before us with a lily and we brought one in honour of our daughter. It felt like some sort of way to honour and remember her and I was appreciative.

    Any traditions you have/ will start for your baby on Easter?

    Maybe the above! Maybe just talking to her to let her know that we are excited to see her again someday. Then again, that probably isn't just an Easter thing...Maybe when/if Serenity has siblings we will be able to do something else.

    Any new struggles/revelations this week?

    I'm finally at a point where I'm feeling like God can bring good out of this. I would still never ever choose to have her gone so early, but I trust that God can help others out of it. I have all of these ideas swirling in my head about what that might look like, but I just feel a newfound urgent need to help others.

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  • @noethola praying for your sister...

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