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Like many of you this is my first year playing the role of Easter Bunny. I just wondered if any of you have any interesting, unusual or just plain fun family traditions?

Re: Easter

  • Bentley is getting a board book, and animal crackers. Hes gets to wear his easter outfit and well go to my aunts house for lunch with the entire family
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    I got Aria an Easter board book, too.  Animal crackers are a good idea.  Or goldfish crackers.  She loves those.  I haven't bought any yet, but I'll probably throw some chocolate in there for mom.   :D

    My sister made her a HUGE Easter basket that she left when she was here for Aria's birthday a few weeks ago.  I just went through it and there is NO MOM CHOCOLATE in there!

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  • Lol! Omg i want to eat all the chocolate @tig594
  • We will color Easter eggs tomorrow.
    I already boiled them. I planned on filling some plastic eggs and putting them in obvious places (like the middle of the living room floor) but I have no singles to put in them. We'll see if I decide to throw a few around with goldfish. That's a good idea in fact.
    I also got them each a basket filled with some stuff that I left on the table tonight since I won't be seeing them on Sunday.
    As for outfits, not my problem. Although I wish I dressed them cuter with the bunny. Next year!
  • I don't really "do" Easter but I took Liliana to my grandmother's house, and my cousin also had her newborn son there too, so it was nice. :)
    Liliana Seraphina born 9/5/2103

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