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I am blatantly using this morning to bump while the 9 year old I am watching is keeping my LO entertained.... 
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  • kbl13kbl13 member
    All the Easter candy (from this little chocolate shop in my hometown) that my mom sent earlier this week is already gone.
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  • I lost 10 pound when DH was in the hospital in just a week. And now that we are back to normal, thank God, I've managed to put that back on, and then some. I am totally grossed out by my body, and we want to TTC after summer, so I better get my butt into gear soon! Not really a confession... haha sorry

    Hmmm. oh I have one! I have purposefully been posting instagram pics when people come over to see our new house and commenting on how thoughtful and amazing everyone is that is coming, etc etc. Just to emphasize the fact that my MIL hasn't even made an attempt. She is on my list!
    >:P Ever since she got married the day after DH heart surgery, I will never ever respect her again. I feel so sorry for DH. My family lives over an hour away and they've all been here to see the house. His family lives 25 minutes away and of course they haven't been here.
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  • I told D he couldn't play with his train station any more because he kept messing up the awesome configurations I was making!  He out pouted me.
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  • I have worked so much this week that I haven't been able to put DD to bed all week. I feel so guilty about it that I make myself sick...I know I shouldn't I can't help it (everything decided this week was a good one to get sick). So to make up for it we are going out on a mommy daughter date!!!
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  • Kmartinrvt13 - Oh I so know how that feels. I have weeks where I barely see LO as well.  I'm so sorry. Don't feel guilty!! Don't be sick!!

    So I ate an entire box of mike and ikes and I'm going to place the empty box back in the cupboard because it makes me feel less gross for eating such garbage. DH will very likely see it, crave it and curse me out but I don't care. Worth it.
  • well...he doesn't actually curse me out for anything. He might give me the steely eyes.
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