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Major Cycle Shift (TTC)?

So I have always always been regular, like set your clock regular. I O on CD 19 and then have an 11 day LP (yes, kinda short but I was able to use supplement progesterone with DD). I know it is nothing I should complain about, but each time I have got a BFP it only took me 1 month. I am now on the 3rd month of TTC (yes, not long at all I realize). I was really surprised this last month when I started spotting only a few days after CD 19 and then started full blown AF on CD25.

I chalked it up to a funky cycle, but this month I started taking my OPKs early. I am on CD11 and got a + test today. I typically have about 4 days of truly +OPKs so I don't think I am O'ing on CD11, but still, that is way way early for me. I scheduled an appointment with my OB, but can't get in until the end of May. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

I guess I don't really know what I am asking here :/ Has anyone else had a huge cycle shift like this? I guess I will just DTD every other day for the next few weeks so I don't accidently miss our window (I am exhausted just thinking about it).

I am trying to not get down about not having a BFP yet, but my PAL brain is starting to kick in.  Why aren't I pregnant yet?  Was being able to carry DD just a 1 time thing?  Will I never be able to give her a sibling?  Grrrr.... (repeats to self ::only positive thoughts  only positive thoughts).

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Re: Major Cycle Shift (TTC)?

  • I am feeling similar to you.  Not too many of the same circumstances but some so I thought I would drop a note to stay positive, I know this is sometimes all I need.


    I will give you the short story about me- I have 3 stepchildren that I claim as mine and love as my own.  We got BFP in Dec with my first to find no HB at our first appointment in Jan.

    D&C Jan 21.  I never did the charting and got the BFP only a short few weeks after stopping BCP.  I am just completing my third cycle and have not got my rainbow on the way and I feel like it is taking forever.

    I hope you feel better about things.  I find that tracking my BBTs are the only way I can feel like I have some control over the situation


  • Thanks.  I know know that it isn't that long at all, but I have been off BCP since November but only trying for 3 months now.  I am just more frustrated that my body is doing this crazy early O thing now. 

    I really really didn't want to track BBT, but if we don't get a BFP this month then I think that is the next step :/

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  • I haven't had a major cycle shift, but I have notice a change in AF as well as in my CM.  I can track my charts for 2 years and each cycle was almost identical.  When PP AF returned there were changes, but I chalked it up to the fact that I was still nursing.  Then we had a m/c  in December and AF and CM are still off.  It is making getting my + OPKs difficult. 

    I too am trying to stay positive, but the negative thoughts are very difficult to keep out.  My history is not great and I have a lot of the same fears that you have.  TTC is so exhausting and stressful!


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  • While I normally O on CD14/15/16, I have occasionally, out of the blue, ovulated as early as CD11 and CD12. And that was prior to any loss or pregnancy. Weird cycles can happen.
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  • @chloebeth930, so excited that you guys are TTC again!

    I totally get where you are coming from.  It's so hard not to compare to what happened last time.  Even with this pregnancy, I still compare to my last one. 

    I can't offer any advice about the shift, but if I were you, I would DTD every day until those OPKs turn negative and then make or keep your appointment with your doctor.  I know my OB sort of chucks the 6 month or 1 year or whatever it is rule out with subsequent pregnancies.  I got pregnant with both my m/c pregnancy and DS first cycle out, and she told me that if this time it took "a few months" with no luck I should feel free to come in. 

    FWIW, I never charted, just OPKs.  I would DTD with DH every day that we got a + OPK or something resembling a positive.  Everyone is different but it worked for us three times.  That's what I would do if I were you until I could get in for an appointment.  Try not to fret, although I know it's hard!!

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    @chloebeth930 - Hi lady!  I randomly got on here to browse through a couple things and saw your post - I hope all is well minus this weird cycle stuff!  How exciting to be TTC though, we are in the same boat!  We have been wanting to start TTC for just about a year now but I did not get my first ppAF until a couple weeks ago.  I am still nursing, but only 3-5 times in a 24 hour period so at this point I was getting quite bummed out that things weren't back.  I started charting a couple months ago so that I could know what was going on once fertility did come back.  Unfortunately, I had a ridiculously short LP so our first cycle was impossible - but I'm glad to have it back regardless.  Anyways, as for you - I would def. start charting.  You really don't know for sure what's going on until you get the charting going.  It isn't that annoying once you get back into the swing of things.  If I hadn't charted, I wouldn't have had any idea my LP was so short.  This cycle, I'm on day 18 and still no O :(  I'm just trying to continue being patient, which is easier for me because it took 8 months to get our 1st BFP, and then another 5 months for our 2nd so my expectations are low.  I'd really try to just be mindful to the fact that it can take a bit to get a glorious BFP, start charting so you are better prepared with info at your OB appointment, and don't worry too much over the cycle shift - so I've read, pp cycles can be different, plus a weird cycle can happen - lots of things to influence it (stress, worry, etc)  Good luck friend - I hope everything aligns for you soon!
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