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Assembly's story in the brag post got me thinking about how funny our kiddos can be. And since it is easy to get caught up in negativity, I thought it might be nice to swap some of our funniest stories. So, what is the funniest thing your child has done lately?
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    I'll start. Lily is now talking to herself when we lay her down at night. Unfortunately, her voice is whispery and raspy. So, you can imagine my reaction the other night when, from the baby monitor, I hear this little, whispering, raspy voice saying "Go away. Go away. Go away.". Over and over and over again.

    I mean, I half expected to hear 'redrum' be the next thing out of her mouth.
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  • I was fixing dinner the other night and had the pantry open and DD asked for a starburst and I told her no.
    She then said 'go bye Mama' (go away Mama) and walked me around the corner and ran back to the pantry to grab the starbursts. at which point I said No and took them and she said 'oh nuts' 
    Cracked me up. 
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  • Oh I have a lot of stories!

    The one I can't stop laughing about is the time DH picked up DS from daycare. They would then pick me up from work.

    On their way to pick me up, DH decided to stop at a gas station and bought a candy for DS, a energy drink, and a tiny bottle of a clear liquor. DH got to the cashier and DS pointed to the liquor bottle and said "That's daddy's water!" in front of the cashier and a line of people waiting to pay! DH was embarrassed and was all red.
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  • smerka said:
    This happened a while ago, but my older son has always had trouble with the last syllables of words. He was feeding his crackers to his toy horses and said "I need more crack for my hos"

    Lmao. We have a similar issue here--dd drops off ending sounds and my little ponies happen to be her favorite toy. I hear "mama, hor!!" Like 5,000 times a day. Haha
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