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Ok, first off, I'm not a single mom. But I really need some advice from you guys. My husband works from 7-10 every day, but one night a week and he gets Sundays off. I totally understand that I have no idea what it's like to be a single parent, because at the end of the day I have someone coming home to me. But I feel like I could get some good wisdom from you all. I get off work around 4:30 and pick up my boys from preschool and we are home by 5:30ish. I'm super lonely in the evenings. I would love to start doing more to get out at night, even with my boys, but I'm just exhausted. How do you all do evenings? How do you keep a social life and keep from getting lonely?

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    About one night per week we go right from daycare to the pizzeria and then get ice cream next door.

    If my kids ate decent i would use the crockpot more often. Then as soon as we get home (we do this now) we take a walk around the block before dinner.

    Lastly, weekends! Last weekend we did an Easter train ride on sat and the zoo on Sunday. I plan ahead with that so I know we have to get up and out earlyish. Which isn't usually too hard cause the boys are itching to get out before the sun even comes up!

    You should find a babysitter that can come over in the evenings. Go get your nails done, hair done, food shop by yourself, whatever.

    Sometimes I find it easier to be a single parent than taking care of 2 kids AND a husband! Lol
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    Thanks for the insight! A sitter is a great idea :)
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    I dont really know what to tell you because when i was married i was married to a drunk who was never home. I didnt have ds then so i juat went out and partied. Now im a single momwith a bf i almost never see because of his job and my school and really i just suck it up and deal.

    Plus my initial reaction to this post is to be snarky because honestly you HAVE support.
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    Like some of the previous posters said, DD and I go out for walks outside after daycare when its warm out, over the winter we went to indoor places like the mall.  Which I hated because I hate shopping, and, at the time, DD was too small for the little play area.  So we literally walked around the mall doing nothing.
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    Social life?  What's that?

    I have a one year old and am busy 100% of the time.  I could probably get a sitter once in awhile but I choose not to because a) I really can't afford it and b) I feel like I don't get enough quality time with DD as it is.  I'd feel terrible picking her up from daycare and then dumping her with a babysitter.  That said, if I do need to run errands or get my haircut or whatever I do it before I pick her up since I get out of work 2 hours before day care closes.  

    We go for walks together a lot since the weather is getting nice, she loves going with me to the grocery store, last weekend we went to a local dairy and got ice cream and went through the petting zoo, I take her outside and let her play with her walker in the driveway where she doesn't have to bump into stuff all the time, etc etc.  I have a lot of my weekend activities planned for summer already. Week nights are rough because of baths/dinner/dishes/prep for the next day and all that.  

    It's exhausting and most of the single parents I know don't get a break one night a week or on the weekend and, even if we did, can't really afford to go do a whole lot because we're raising a child on one income.  I don't understand how you can be lonely when you have little ones running around your house.  I am definitely not lonely because I love spending time with my child but if I were lonely I honestly wouldn't have the time to care.
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    Fuck it im flamming and give no fucks.

    You have a husband who yes gets home late but hes there. My sons daf gives no fucks unless he wants to get in my pants. If your lonely join a damn moms group, dont come ask single moms how to deal with it cause most of us are too tired to be lonely.

    You know where it would have been better to post this? On your bmb, or the parenting board
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    Hahah totally understanding the flame. :) not offended at all. But thanks for the tips y'all!
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