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whats your mood today

Im exhausted like debating a nap exhausted

Re: whats your mood today

  • Stressed. We started the fro trial today and I'm stressed and depressed. But my bedroom is nice and clean. Know any hot dudes that want to check it out ;)
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    Bored. Sad I'm going back to VA next week. Watching Dazed & Confused and wishing I was high. Last time I watched this, I was. That was like 2.5 years ago.

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  • Yesterday I was in a horrible mood, but then people were extremely nice to me.  I don't know why.  And this one woman I work with who is just an overall mean person, she was nice to me, too.  Which actually terrified me.  I spent the rest of the day in hiding.

    Today, I'm miffed because whatever I caught from Harley woke me up this morning with a sinus headache. I can't breathe out of half my nose so I'm a mouth breather today
    I just hope it's not another sinus infection, because my doctor isn't even in the office until next Thursday.
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  • @Roxalot that gif. Omg. But seriously, fingers crossed it isnt a sinus infection. Try some saline drops to try and open up your sinuses
  • LOL, I was looking for a good mouth breather gif and when I saw that, I almost died laughing (because I already can barely breathe)! I do feel bad for that guy(girl?) though, even though that is an amazing gif!
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  • omg that's a gross gif.   :))

    Hope you feel better @Roxalot.  I busted out the allergy pills earlier this week. 

  • This is me today.


    STBXH told me on Monday that he was going to be sending me our agreed upon CS amount today. He was supposed to have paid it on Tuesday. He now can't send it until Monday. I have eleven things that are going to bounce or not get paid because of this, including my car and DD's daycare. And that's without paying any other bills or buying groceries, or anything for Easter. Would have been nice to have known this BEFORE so that I wouldn't have written checks that are going to bounce. 

    He's going to be in town tomorrow for Easter and needless to say this is going to be one awkward visit.
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    Throwing leaves <3
  • And it must be raining stupid people today because my xh facebooked me on my old account wanting me to deleate some old picture of us together. And then deleated the link some how so i am not responding to that dip shit moron. He can untag himself if he doesnt want his new girl friend to see, but seriously.

    Some bitch at the grocery store was giving me the side eye because i look like a damn teen parent. Fuck off bitch, you dont know my life quit judging me you old bitty.

    But the high light of my day this conversation with bf.

    Bf: what are you doing?

    Me: making cookie salad and peeling potatos for potato salad.

    Bf: have i mentioned how much i love you yet today?

    Me: no cookie salad for you until we have sex.

    Bf: damnit woman! Cookie salad tgen sex.

  • What's cookie salad?
  • @Mrslynnyd its minnesota salad. Which means its not really salad. Its basically desert. But its cookies, whipped cream, and manderine oranges
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