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May be TMI - postpartum discharge?

Hi ladies.  I had my boys in January - its been just over three months since I said goodbye to them.  For the past few weeks, I've been having yeast-like discharge - white and clumpy.  I already had a culture done with my OB and it came back negative for yeast and for bacteria, which is good.  So he thinks that its just my body trying to "get back to normal."  UGH.  I actually wish it was just yeast so I could knock it out with antibiotics, because who knows how long "getting back to normal" is going to take?  Has anyone else experienced this?  I'm really worried about it.  

Re: May be TMI - postpartum discharge?

  • I'm sorry I haven't had a similar experience but it sounds strange- is there a abnormal odor? If there is I would have another doctor check it out xo
  • Hmm. All I can remember about discharge is I bled for about 5 weeks, and then it turned lighter and lighter in color (light brown/yellow). Have you had an AF yet? was that "normal"?

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  • No odor or itching or anything.  I had AF about a month ago and it was normal.  This whole thing is just really weird! 
  • My discharge isn't like what you described but I have had some. It's more like a gooey substance (maybe TMI too). I was reading online and it says it is a sign of ovulation. I never had it before in my life. I'm chalking this up to either my body trying to get back in check or a weird new normal after pregnancy. 
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