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10dpo symptoms but BFN, sound familiar to anyone???

I am 10 dpo and I ovulated on April 6th and had intercourse on April 4th and 5th. My period Is due on April 20th (easter!) . At 8 dpo I started experiencing mild cramping and was very sluggish and exhausted (which I thought was weird because if I'm going to be starting AF...I usually start cramping a day or two before...not a week before) at 9 dpo still crampy but worse, extremely exhausted, really gassy, a lot of creamy milky cm, sharp random pains in my lower left back, extremely bloated and full feeling in my lower abdomen, and i noticed my nipples looked darker as well and today, 10dpo ...The cramps have all but gone away but everything else is the same. I got impatient and tested and it was negative...any advice...similar situations? ??

Re: 10dpo symptoms but BFN, sound familiar to anyone???

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