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WTF Wednesday!

DD got me sick! I have a sore throat and have this awful cough.  And, this morning, she was like "3am? Yeah, now is a great time to wake up for the day!"  I was able to get her back to sleep, but only in my bed. Where she was coughing in my face and scratching my face and ears. She has not been herself the last week and the ladies at DC keep telling me that these are signs of teething.  Which they have been telling me for months. This better mean that, like, ALL her teeth are coming in at once. 

*cough*hack*cough*cough* :( I need a vacation. 
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Re: WTF Wednesday!

  • @roxalot I'm so sorry!! It's so unfair, babies refuse to share anything but poop and germs :/

    My WTF Wednesdays:
    - It was 91 when I left work yesterday. Woke up and it was 48 degrees. DD had actually, for once, gotten up and dressed herself without being shorts and a t-shirt. This has been an ongoing battle with her and OF COURSE. OF COURSE THE DAY SHE PICKS HER OWN CLOTHES AND DRESSES HERSELF WINTER WOULD MAKE ITS LAST STAND.

    - STBXH told me a month ago he was planning to come visit the weened of the 26th and wouldn't be able to make it for Easter. So, I made Easter plans. He decided this week he does want to come for Easter. He asks me yesterday if I can come pick him up at the airport Saturday and drop him off on Monday or should he get a car. I told him getting him Saturday is no problem (we had plans but they're flexible), but Monday would be. He then asked "even if it's really early?" Well let's see...

    DD gets up for school at 7:15, I then have to make sure she's fed, dressed, and out the door by 8:20 at the latest so she can be on time for school, and then I have to be at work by 9. So what time would he be planning his flight for? 5 AM? So we'd have to adjust our whole morning routine back by like four hours and get up before God? It's like he doesn't realize how much work goes into our weekday mornings are and how early we have to start as it is. 

    My sister told me she could take him on Monday so I let him know, but then I warned him we already had Easter plans with my parents (who he can't stand). So he asks, "So you're saying I shouldn't come then?" and I said, "No, just warning you."

    Haven't heard from him since. So now I don't know if I need to rearrange our Saturday morning plans to accommodate him yet. DD wants to see her dad SO BADLY and this is frustrating the heck out of me.
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    Throwing leaves <3
  • Wtf minnesota, fuck you and your snow! It is spring, you take your snow and get the fuck out.

    Wtf baby daddy, go away, stop blowing up my phone. Im not going to rise to your baiting. I told you if you wanted to come visit for bentleys birthday you needed to text my dad not me. Stop texting me you love me and miss me there is a reason im not responding.


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