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Pointer finger sucking

Hello! Does anyone else have a finger sucker? My LO has never been a thumb/finger/soother sucker. All of a sudden a couple weeks ago he started doing this (when hungry, to sooth himself to sleep, out of boredom, any and all times of the day). It was not correlated to weaning from breast feeding either. Now I'm worried about his dental development and why he is doing this. He is currently in the 7th wonder week leap. I'm a pretty laid back mom- I just want to help my son to stop doing this if at all possible. Any commiseration or advice is appreciated! TIA :)
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Re: Pointer finger sucking

  • I, personally, would not worry one bit, but that's my opinion. It could be self soothing or teething, but I would not make a big deal about it
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    I forgot to mention that he sucks so hard that it creates little blisters/sores on his finger. (Which is why I started to worry)...
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