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Interview ?

Ok, so I was asked to interview (3 days before EDD) its for a job I really want, its a high $ per hour, in my field and flexible hours for when little lady arrives! I told them during the phone interview that I was available June 1 (didn't say why), that seemed ok then we booked a skype interview with someone in another state. THEN they changed it to in person interview  (3 days before EDD) for a tour of the facility and meeting with someone on site and skyping with that other person together.  I have been on a couple other interviews while pregnant- not even close to an offer on any of them and I was very well qualified, so I'm thinking employers are apprehensive-which I do totally get as I was once the hiring manager. lol. So for this one, I could use some help! ;0) 

Do I tell them yes I can go, but here's why I am not available until June 1 beforehand and then go if they will still see me...
Do I say I cant go?
Do I say I can go and just show up with my big belly? 

My concern is she will arrive beforehand and I will have to cancel and then explain. Please help! Any advice appreciated! ;0)

Re: Interview ?

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    Well you don't have to say anything and I don't believe they can officially ask you anything about you being pregnant or your home life (if you have other kids at home) as part of an interview. But it could be a good idea to just show up for the interview and then maybe mention why you can't start until june 1 ... because due date is close. If baby shows up before i think you can always call and reschedule for a skype interview as originally planned.
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