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Plus Size Maternity Clothes


I'm a plus size mommy to be. Thankfully I haven't gained any weight so far but my belly is rounding out and forming into a baby bump and clothing is becoming an obstacle. If only I could live in yoga pants. :/

I am wondering if any of you moms-to-be know of any stores or websites that carry trendy plus size maternity clothes, specifically jeans. I would love any tips or suggestions.

Thanks so much! :)

Re: Plus Size Maternity Clothes

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  • I used Old Navy and Gap...then lived in yoga pants for the last month and nice tops at work.
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  • I bought my dress clothes from motherhood and my jeans from eBay which I believe were the motherhood brand. I loved them all. Good fit and style.
  • Look at.woman within and one stop plus. Tgey have cute.clothes and tons of coupons on retailmenot. I love motherhoods pants but most of the shirts shrink length wise when washing. Old navy is just so expensive
  • I also am plus size and got away with just XL pants from Motherhood maternity, but now I'm in my 3rd trimester I had to size up :(
    I was at Kohls one day and they had all kinds of plus size maternity clothing on the clearance rack!!! I really scored deals on some super comfy pants (they were $8.80) and a 2x bathing suit top  for $13.60. I think that they were returns from online purchases or got them in from another store b/c my Kolh's never carried plus size maternity stuff till then.
    I've found that you have to check almost weekly but there is stuff out there!

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  • There's "plus size" and then there's "Plus Size"! Not sure which category you fit, but JC Penny was my "go to" when I was PG with DS, but in recent years they've cut back a bit on their plus size maternity section but they do have trendier options and a GREAT return policy unlike Motherhood...
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