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Help!! (Dinner ideas)

I know a lot of you ladies cook a lot (which I'm jealous about) but I'm so sick of stopping and getting fast food for DH and I on my way home from work, so my question for you ladies is what are some easy, doesn't take too long dishes that you love that I could make when I get home from work. Mind you sometimes I don't get home until after 8pm so the easier the dish the better!! Thanks so much for the help!!
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Re: Help!! (Dinner ideas)

  • DH does all of the cooking in our family so I'm not the greatest resource.  Do you have a crockpot?  Although we don't use ours too often, my mom is always raving about how convenient it can be for working moms.  We've done chili and soup in ours, but that's about it. 

    We do a lot of casseroles mostly with random ingredients (chicken and artichokes are my favorites).  We're also a fan of Mexican food.  Tacos are pretty easy and we also make a Mexican lasagna.  

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  • Crockpot! Check out hungry girl recipes. There's a ton! I do chicken breast, with a whole jar of trader joes green salsa in the crockpot. Then shred it and use it for tacos. Amazing! BBQ chicken from hungry girl is amazing and easy too. Pasta is always our Monday night dinner. So easy and I buy frozen turkey meatballs from trader joes which make it yummier. Turkey burgers are an easy one for us with a side salad. But seriously, look at hungry girl recipes. The best!
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  • Crock pot chicken--- roasting chicken with some seasoning (whatever you like). Add some carrots and potatoes. Cook on med 7-8 hours. Chicken falls off the bone. Its delicious.

    Turkey burgers over salad with some homemade potato chips. (Slice potatoes coat with a little olive oil and season to taste-- bake in oven for @40 min)

    Taco night or fajita night is big with us. Easy and quick.

    We always do a pasta night with meatballs. I usually make a double batch of sauce with meatballs as sausage on Sunday. Then we freeze it to use the following week.

    Another easy pasta--- brown up some thin sausage. Cook some broccoli florets.!Boil pasta and drain. Put broccoli and sausage in with pasta. Add a little olive oil and heat some more. Serve with Parmesan cheese. Yummy and quick!

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  • Crockpot meals are amazing. Another thing to consider is doing a freezer meal. Whenever I cook, I make enough for 2 meals. One meal is for that night's dinner, the other goes in the freezer. That way, when I have a crazy hectic day, I just thaw one out the night before and throw it in the oven when I get home. No prep work that day or anything, so it's super convenient and nice.
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  • I love an easy cassoulette. They have many that can be done in a crockpot and you can use pretty much any meat you like.  Here is an example.

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