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***FINAL UPDATE: Baby Gordon is Here!*** Our Own WifeofaComposer is in Labor!!!!

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***Final Update***

Just in case you missed it in the announcements thread, this is from WoaC:

"Gordon Argyll Sebastien C.
4/14/14 @ 40w5d
9lbs 5.2oz and 24" long
Attempted VBAC turned C-section due to stalled cervical dilation after 4 hours. We're so happy with everything, and the staff is incredible here!!"

Congratulations, Sweetheart! Our board (as well as several others it seems) are so thrilled for you! :D You deserve all the happiness! 


***Update 1***
She stalled out at 2cm. She's not a candidate for induction, so she's headed to the OR in a few minutes. She is "totally okay" with this development. :) Your baby is almost here, darling!


After weeks of on and off prodomal labor, @WifeofaComposer is in L&D! She was scheduled to have her baby on Wednesday, but since real labor started this morning at 4am she's gonna get to try for a VBAC!!! Just got word that she's at 2cm and finally being admitted after laboring at home and in the hospital for awhile. Send her all the love and prayers for a quick and successful VABC. Good luck, love! Praying that you can have the birth you wanted!!

Ever since @MamaFantastic's announcement for @MrsCrCalli, I've had N*Sync in my head. So I've prepared a song for this occasion, to the tune of Bye Bye Bye!


You’re doin’ this birth right
You’re probably gonna have a fight
I know this is the night,
Hey Baby, come on!
You’ve been loved endlessly
Ever since you came to be
And now it’s time to leave your uterine home.
I know that you can push some more,
It ain’t no lie
On your back, your side, or on all fours
Baby bye, bye, bye!

We don’t wanna have to wait for you,
Come on, now, Baby, you can make it through.
It’s your birthday, so now don’t be shy,
Baby bye, bye bye!
You don’t really have to make this tough,
Your Mama’s gonna work it ‘till you’ve had enough.
The whole world’s waiting just to hear your cry,
Baby bye, bye, bye! 
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2014-08-24 15.22.00  2014-08-20 12.19.26
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Re: ***FINAL UPDATE: Baby Gordon is Here!*** Our Own WifeofaComposer is in Labor!!!!

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